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Employer Branding

Honeywell first approached Inception Strategies to produce a video that would assist employer branding and help to promote Honeywell as an organisation of choice. After producing the video, we went back to Honeywell and asked if they minded if we also produced a smaller version of the promo that was designed specifically to appeal to  emotions.  After approval, we produced the following 50 second short promo. 

Evaluation: Honeywell reported a spike of enquiries to their graduate program following the release of the videos on their corporate site and youtube. 


Honeywell later approached Inception to assist with the branding and graphic design of their Reconciliation Action Plan. 

We spent time with Honeywell profiling a range of purchased Indigenous artworks from our private collection. A chosen artwork was then used to inform a branding process that provided Honeywell with a range of options for their Reconciliation Action Plan brand identity.  

Final Design 

We then worked closely with Honeywell to deliver the final design for their Reconciliation Action Plan that included an  Indigenous artist acknowledgement and bio. 



Here's an online  link  to the full publication

Here's an online link to the full publication