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Damian Amamoo

Damian Amamoo was born in Queensland. Damian's father Sam hails from Ghana in West Africa and his mother Diana is Australian. 

Damian has a Bachelor of Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies, a Masters of Communication Management and a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Technology Sydney.

Damian was also an elected member for the City of Prospect for 8 years.

Damian and Elsie have published and donated more that 250,000 social comic books or comics with messages to the Australian community over the last 20 years and have both worked hard to improve outcomes for Indigenous and non Indigenous peoples.

 Damian is an accomplished media strategist and fast emerging producer and director in film and television.


Elsie Amamoo

Elsie Amamoo is a proud Cubbi Cubbi an Durumbal Aboriginal woman from QLD who has held Administration roles with Mining companies such as Newmont Mining and Oxiana.  

Elsie has also worked in community development as a Cultural Instructor at one of Australia’s best-known Museums. 

Elsie has held board appointments with the Australia Day Council Committee, Multicultural Organisations and has represented Australia's Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission at an International forum.

More recently, Elsie travelled to Israel for the Australian Light Horse Centenary to honour her great grandfather 'Frank Fisher's' contribution to the successful charge that won the war for Australia and her allies. 

Elsie is highly skilled in dealing with people and groups, and supports the organisation with her insights about public relations and community engagement.